Bernie Rowen-Ross tells us in some folk tales, there is a belief that Oester the fertility goddess is celebrated as a bringer of hope for good harvests and long summer days.

In the Christian calendar, Easter is a celebration of Christ rising on the third day – to the believers this is a sign of hope. Personally for me, when the snowdrops pop their beautiful white heads up through the soil while it is still cold outside, it is a sign of hope for a brighter future. This magnificent display of snowdrops is followed by the proud daffodils, the vibrant crocus and the iris swaggering in her multi-coloured beauty. We await cherry blossom and the new flowering season of so much abundance here on the east coast of Scotland – with the sap rising, our spirits are lifted.

This spring has a tangible air of excitement because we’ve had a really tough year since last March. Lockdowns and the dreaded COVID-19 virus has taken its toll – the global pandemic has affected everyone in one way or another. Some have had to take their business on line, some have not been able to visit a shop, relying solely on deliveries, others have lost or changed jobs due to circumstances. Many have missed visiting family members. 

Now is a time to look forward, we cannot change the past, but we can make the present so much more valuable. If we live in the present moment consciously, then the future is likely to have a better outcome. When we become aware of other’s needs, count our own blessings and bring hope to someone else, we are starting with the right attitude. 

Let’s celebrate spring with those we really care about, celebrate that life is worth living despite hardship. If you are struggling – let people know. There is no shame in the struggle, it’s more than likely not your fault, but due to circumstances and life changes. Take heart, there are so many people willing to help – in my experience Scotland is one of the kindest countries in the world. Practise random acts of kindness, not only will this affect the people who you are kind to, but it has a way of changing your own energy for the better. What more positive way is there than being kind to someone else?

Enjoy spring, we have a lot to celebrate.

Bernie Rowen-Ross is an Ayurvedic Counsellor and Psychotherapist, she consults via Zoom
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