Ayurvedic counsellor and psychotherapist Bernie Rowen-Ross encourages us to live mindfully in 2021.

Here it is, 2021! There is a lot of promise in the air, and so much to be grateful for. I was gazing at the setting moon on new year’s eve morning. It was freezing, but the cold didn’t keep me inside, I marvelled at my surroundings, the crisp light-pink sky and the moon-set shimmering on the sea and I was happy to be alive.

Some, who are reading this, might have a heavy heart, maybe you have experienced loss in your life recently? But, honestly it is important to grieve, to be sad and feel that inner pain, which sits in your heart area. These feelings change, with time, as we come to acceptance, and life goes on in a different way.

There are others who are negotiating new challenges. It might be an economic challenge, a relationship challenge or even health related. As life continues, we cannot escape the changes that come every day, and let’s face it, if there were no challenges, we would be bored with the monotony.

I remember a Buddhist teacher telling me; that when washing dishes, there is so much joy. I was flawed, joy – in washing dishes, he had to be joking! He went on to describe the rainbows in the soap bubbles, the warm water on his hands, and the satisfaction of a job well done once he had completed his task. Now when I wash dishes, I remember that story as though it was yesterday.

I encourage you to be mindful, because we can experience one act in many different ways. Start by trying this. Have a glass of water in front of you, look at the water, and experience what you are feeling. Write that feeling down. Then allow the water to just touch your lips, don’t put it into your mouth yet, just let it touch your lips, try and do that for a whole minute, then write about that experience, and now, keep a sip of water in your mouth for a minute and feel, really feel, what you experience – then swallow, and experience with total awareness the water travelling down your throat. Reflect and write about that feeling. In future each time you drink water, do it mindfully. 

If you enjoyed this exercise, try doing it with something else. When we live mindfully life is so much more meaningful. And, let’s make 2021 a year of great meaning in everyday experiences.

Bernie Rowen-Ross is an Ayurvedic Counsellor and Psychotherapist, she consults via Zoom
t: 01620 844 321 | www.ayurveda-balance.uk