There’s no denying it – ‘tis nearly the season! It will come as no surprise that we love Christmas at Local Life, we also love shopping so we’ve had fun compiling this year’s Christmas gift guide for you. From the fabulous to the fun, the stylish to the surprising – here is our choice of perfect presents to suit all budgets. All from your local high street… happy shopping!


1 Chequered Throw £69 TIME & TIDE 11 & 48 High Street, North Berwick | 2 Diffuser from £18.00 LAURA THOMAS CO Lighthouse, Heugh Road, North Berwick | 3 Blomus Nona Vase Trio £20.00, 4 Knottinger Ring Bowl £14.00, 7 Korridor Concrete Animals from £50.00, 8 Happy Lights 20 or 30 String (pick your own colours) from £30.00, 9 NØRDEN Crystal Advent Calendar £50.00, all from NØRDEN 82 High Street, North Berwick | 5 Pillows small £16, large £29.99 MADAME BUTTERFLY 95 High Street, North Berwick | 6 Recipes for Happiness £10 STEAMPUNK 49A Kirk Ports, North Berwick