If your teeth lack sparkle and you’ve thought about improving your smile, professional tooth whitening is a safe and perfect way to brighten your teeth. Head along, this winter, to North Berwick Dental Centre or Gullane Dental Practice.

Ageing and diet, as well as some long-term medications and previous illnesses can all cause tooth discolouration. Teeth can also have white spot lesions within the surface enamel as a result of tooth developmental issues, like hypoplasia or fluorosis. Or, perhaps you may have a single dark tooth which stands out when smiling. Whether your teeth are overlapped, rotated or just a little irregular, many of us will feel more confident with a brighter, whiter smile.

At North Berwick Dental Centre and Gullane Dental Practice all clinicians provide tooth whitening – a relatively simple and unobtrusive treatment regime. The first stage before tooth whitening is to make a consultation appointment with one of the dentists who will diagnose which type of tooth discolouration is affecting your teeth,  and discuss an individual treatment plan. You’ll visit the dentist at least three times during your whitening journey for planning, instruction and review. Tooth whitening is carried out at home using low strength peroxide gels inserted into custom made trays, which fit closely and comfortably over your teeth. The practices only use gels which have been researched and are certified safe for you to use on your teeth.

The time for tooth colour change depends on the grade of discolouration in your teeth. Yellowing enamel is fairly responsive to treatment and can be treated in four to six weeks, while dental fluorosis can take between two and four months. In addition, the peroxide contained in the whitening gels has a very positive effect on your gum health as the oxygen component helps to eliminate unwanted gum bacteria. 

Tooth whitening will improve  confidence in your smile and gum health in a relatively short time,  whilst being very safe and without the need for invasive treatments, ensuring you’ll smile with confidence.

If you’re interested in professional teeth whitening, speak with one of the team to arrange a consultation. Or ask to chat with the treatment coordinator who will be happy to arrange a personal call to address any initial questions you may have. Teeth whitening could also make the ideal Christmas gift for the person who has everything!

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