This month Laura Thomas Co. is shouting
about the joys of paper!

In its purest form, sustainably sourced paper means no harm to the environment. However, once coated with plastic to make cups for the beverage industry, it becomes a disaster zone – hugely complex to recycle and left strewn across our beautiful natural environment or in landfill.       

North Berwick-based LT. CO has worked really hard to find partners who are redefining the packaging world by going that extra mile to help find solutions to environmental problems. Without innovation we do not have the freedom to change; thankfully there are amazing people shaking up the recycling industry and processing trashed coffee cups to paper treasure.

Working with the world’s leading papersmith, LT. CO have created a simple, yet beautiful paper-box range made out of used coffee cups. LT. CO’s commitment to being a circular economy business is on track, reshaping business and economic systems so that waste is ‘designed out’ of how we live. 

This sophisticated paper packaging has been rolled out across the LT. CO body care and candle ranges. And by the end of 2020, the company aims to have all products packaged this way including their 100% natural scent diffusers and Christmas range. Founder and Creative Director Laura Wilson says; “It’s super exciting and makes us feel so proud that we are able to provide our customers with 100% natural products, without compromising on our need for quality or luxury feel when using compassionate packaging. 

There is definitely power in packaging with continuous improvement of materials used in the recycling, reusing and refilling processes, which helps maintain our environment for the better. And, Laura adds; “This makes us so happy!


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