As I sat down to write, I thought; “During these unprecedented times what do I write that is worthy?” Inspiration came from a Yoga student suffering from COVID-19, who had got in touch to ask if I would develop a Yoga class that would help open and strengthen the chest and lungs. I was delighted to offer as much support as I could, and as I write, we are now in week four of recovery and almost through the other side. Enjoy these two Yoga asanas which help with opening the chest and lungs.


Matsyasana | Fish Pose

This pose is a wonderful chest opener and feels incredible when you practice it safely and correctly. It also stretches the chest, abs, hip flexors, neck and back. 

Come to lying down, bring your legs together and tuck your hands, palms facing down, underneath your buttocks, and forearms underneath your side body. Take a deep inhale and firmly press your palms and forearms down, push your chest up and lift your upper body up off your mat. Gently lower the crown of your head back onto your mat and breathe deeply. 

If you need a modification you can pop a blanket, yoga block or cushion underneath the crown of your head and roll a blanket to put underneath your back to offer support. This is wonderful for your heart, throat and crown chakras too. Bliss! 

Dhanurasana | Bow Pose

This is an intermediate pose so please approach with Ahimsa (be respectful to yourself). Bow pose targets the chest and back and is a wonderful chest opener. It improves flexibility in the back and encourages balance in the core and chest. 

Lie face down, chin to mat. With knees hip width apart, take a deep inhale, as you exhale bend your knees and bring your heels as close as you can to your buttocks and take hold of your feet, preferably by the ankles, but by the toes is fine. Exhale, then take a deep inhale and lift your head and chest up off the mat and kick your feet into your hands seeing if you can lift your thighs up off the mat. Engage your core, look straight ahead and hold for as long as 15 seconds focusing on opening, stretching, breathing and balancing. Be mindful of your back and don’t grit your teeth! Allow yourself to open naturally. If you need a modification you can pop a rolled blanket underneath your thighs to offer you lift, you can use a yoga strap or scarf if you can’t reach your ankles. Enjoy!