Bernadette Petrie invites us to let go of the past and move in the new season of our lives..

On the last Sunday of every month, I hold a circle of light, healing and meditation session at The Barefoot Sanctuary in North Berwick. We held our first session last September and it continues to be a beautiful healing experience for all who attend, including myself. To finish, we always head to the beach, where I produce biscuits and hot drinks and gently invite the group to take off their shoes to connect to the grass and sand beneath. 

Everyone knows it’s coming because it’s part of the session description. But perhaps many did not think I was serious, especially in the colder months. However, I am very serious about getting barefoot in nature, no matter the weather, even just for a few minutes. And everyone is always pleasantly surprised at how warm the earth actually feels and it is the perfect way to finish what may have been quite an intense healing experience. 

As we move into spring, nature invites us to reconnect with her in a whole new way, and I’d like to share the poem I wrote for our last session:

More Than The Eye Can See

Let go of labels
Let go of shame
Let go of blame

Trust in the bigger picture
Trust in more than the eye can see
Trust that what’s real is possibly right now invisible to thee

Let your heart open
Let your guard fall
Let me help you to remember to cherish it all
Let yourself return to the love that is true
Let me help you remember that LOVE is YOU.

Now I invite you to do the exercise we did. Read the poem and write down the answers to the following:

1. What are the labels that you have used to describe yourself in the past?

2.  What are you still feeling ashamed of from your past?

3.  Who do you still blame from your past?

Don’t over-think the answers, just allow the words and memories to come. These questions may make you feel emotional, that’s okay – allow yourself to feel it and be gentle with yourself. Take a few slow breaths and then rip the piece of paper into tiny pieces to either bin or burn safely. Finally take a moment or two to step outside to connect with the earth, by standing barefoot on some grass and breath in the present moment of your life.  

Just like mother earth does so beautifully, we too can let go of the past and move into the new season of our lives. To do this we need to de-weed our minds so that we have room for a new area of beautiful colourful growth. And then you, can be you, right now. 

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