The sap is rising, the birds are delighting, buds are blossoming, spring is here. As we emerge out of the depths of winter all our senses are responding to the sun’s light and warmth – it feels so good! The energy is expanding, life is growing all around us, now is the time to ground your self and start to feel your energy building with upward strength and power. It’s time to grow and shine from the ground up.

Samasthiti | Equal Standing Pose  

This is a grounding pose – a command to attention, connecting you to the earth, your mind and body. By bringing awareness into your whole body from the souls of your feet up, you draw intention and energy into your body finishing by lengthening through the crown of your head. Come to the top of your mat, feet together or hip width apart, ground your feet down, your hands in Anjali Mudra (prayer position). Take your attention down to your feet and slowly work your awareness up your body, zip yourself up by hugging your muscles and ribcage in until you reach the crown of your head. Feel yourself lengthen, standing tall and strong. Now take your attention to your heart and invite in the colour of spring – green or rose pink and simply say these words in your mind “I open my heart to life”. 

Engage your deep pranayamic breathing, flow through three rounds of Sun Salutations A and Dancing Warrior 1, 2 and 3 and then come to stand at the top of your mat, back in Samasthiti. 

Prasarita Padottanasana A | Wide Legged Foward Fold

As you are semi inverted in this pose it’s wise to be mindful if you are a beginner. This forward fold is a wonderful pose for stability, confidence and self control. 

Whilst in Samasthiti, step to the right of your mat. Take a wide stance with your toes slightly pointed inwards. Zip yourself up, bring your hands to your hips, inhale, take your head back, squeeze your shoulder blades together so you open your chest and as you exhale, forward fold from your hips. As you forward fold, reach out with your chin so you create length, keep your core engaged and bring your hands onto your mat with your hand in the middle of the legs and the finger tips in line with your big toes. Now trust yourself, keep breathing, and with micro movements bring your awareness and weight onto the balls of your feet with your heels still grounding down and hold for five deep breaths. Inhale and lift your head up, as you exhale, heel-toe your feet in until you can come to standing and come back to Samasthiti at the top of your mat.