From novice DIY’ers to experienced artists, everyone seems to be embracing the use of chalk paint. But what exactly is it? And is it really as easy to use as everyone says? We spoke to Keith Milligan, owner and founder of 2nd Time Round to find out.

No, it’s not chalkboard paint nor a pavement chalk.  Recognised by its soft, matte finish, chalk paint is commonly used to give furniture an aged, distressed look, perfect for re-purposing a much-loved piece or that junk-house find. Nobody is a bigger advocate of chalk paint than Keith Milligan, owner of 2nd Time Round and stockist of Frenchic Furniture Paint. With over 30 years experience in painting and decorating Keith knows a thing or two about paint. 

So what exactly is chalk paint?

This type of paint gives surfaces a dreamy, matte look and is often used with soft wax or finishing coat for added protection, which seals the paint and leaves a silky finish. The water-based product can be applied with no sanding or primer, making it an easy option for vintage pieces. The best thing is, it has no VOCs and no smell. It’s an all-natural paint –  non toxic, solvent free and eco-friendly.

What can I paint with it?

Anything! You can get a lot of different looks using chalk paint, from a distressed, shabby chic finish to a more modern opaque look. At 2nd Time Round we use many techniques including rag-rolling and crackle glaze. 

How do I use it?

It’s easy and often there’s no need for prepping, but I do recommend washing the surface with sugar soap first. There is no rule with regards to how many coats you need. Darker colours have more minerals, so are often thicker and require fewer coats. I always tell customers to paint as many coats as it takes until they are happy with the colour. Once you’re happy, seal the surface with the finishing wax or lacquer. The great thing about Frenchic is they’ve introduced a lazy range, no need to seal! If you’re having any painting problems, then pop in and see us on a Thursday afternoon, we’ll talk you through the process and ensure you get the best result and finish possible.

There are lots of chalk paints, why Frenchic?

Founder Pam Gruhn’s passion for bringing old furniture back to life inspired her to create a durable but eco-friendly paint and Frenchic is now the fastest growing chalk paint company in the UK. The paint has no hidden nasties and has gone through rigorous testing to be certified child safe. Plus, they’re constantly improving and evolving their paints and have recently introduced new Lazy and Al Fresco ranges.

Still not convinced? Keith can re-purpose your furniture for you, either bring in a piece you love or choose a piece from his Fenton Barns store. So there you have it, if you’re looking to spruce up an old piece of furniture – Frenchic and Keith at 2nd Time Round might just be your new best friends. 

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