There’s no denying it – ‘tis nearly the season! It will come as no surprise that we love Christmas at Local Life, we also love shopping so we’ve had fun compiling this year’s Christmas Gift Guide. From the fabulous to the fun, the stylish to the surprising – here is our choice of perfect presents to suit all budgets. All from your local high street… happy shopping!


1 Passenger Overpass Fleece £70, 2 Icepeak Becker Jacket £220, 3 Passenger Enamel Mug £14.99, 4 Tumble and Hide Cartridge Canvas Bag £69.99, 8 Stance Socks £20 all from GREAT ESCAPE 57 High Street, North Berwick | 5 Astronaut Chimpanzee Hear/See/Speak No Evil £49 each, 6 Lund London Skittle Straw £15 all from TIME & TIDE 11 & 48 High Street, North Berwick | 7 Goodbye 1979 Storm Collection Greeting Cards from NØRDEN 82 High Street, North Berwick