When it comes to birth and life, making decisions can be tricky. With the best will in the world, things don’t always go as planned. And this is where Harmonia Support can help.

The word doula comes from ancient Greek meaning ‘a woman who serves’. Today, a doula, also known as a birth coach or companion is a trained professional who assists women before, during and after birth. While most women employ a doula for support during labour and delivery, many doulas also provide both prenatal and postnatal support.

It was her own experience of pregnancy and labour which inspired Kamila Sokolowski to become a birthing companion (doula). Originally from the Czech Republic, Kamila now lives in East Lothian, where she set up her Birth Companion and Counselling Practice – Harmonia Support. Kamila explains that these days we often live and work away from home, separated from our families and long-term friends. “Pregnancy is a time which can feel challenging and lonely and many people feel a particular need for a supportive female presence by their side throughout this time. I provide this support. 

Each pregnancy and labour is unique, and Kamila offers support every step of the way. From antenatal support, to birth support including being available throughout labour to ensure birth plans are honoured and parents and babies are a priority. Postnatally, she offers physical and mental support to help with the transition into parenthood, including help with feeding and other chores which can help parents settle into everyday life. 

Often the journey to parenthood is not always plain sailing and Kamila offers support to women and their partners during the time of trying to conceive, pregnancy, labour, miscarriages or stillbirth. She says; “Sometimes we can feel unhappy, unsatisfied, frustrated and question our lives, our relationships, our purpose. We’re all on a crossroads, trying to figure out our future. Counselling gives you the safe space, open heart and non-judgemental listening. 

Kamila offers both general and pregnancy counselling. Although sessions can be indoors, she much prefers to take clients for walk and talk sessions, combining physical movement and mental well-being. The benefits are many. Along with helping reduce depression and anxiety, people often find it easier to discuss their problems when strolling outside. Plus walking gives a sense of freedom and can help ground and connect you with your body, breath and senses. One of Kamila’s clients summarises; “Kamila has been a fantastic support. Her warm, friendly nature put me instantly at ease, enabling me to speak freely in a relaxed manner. She has continued to be non-judgemental, open and caring, offering me the much needed support to helps overcome anxieties and challenges in my life


for Doula services, counselling & upcoming workshops contact: kamila@harmoniasupport.co.uk |t: 07888656004 | www.harmoniasupport.co.uk