You’re a heart-centred, spirit-led, light-loving, conscious being that gets the importance of raising your vibration. Or you want to be. Or you have no clue what any of that means, either way we’ve got you, high viber!

1. BEDROOM | Without getting all spiritual, create a conscious space with meaningful things, like crystals. Pop them on your bedside table, so they’re the first thing you see in the morning. See beautiful things, think beautiful thoughts.

2. EARTH | Living things create energy. Find a plant which inspires, such as a ‘Fresh Air’ Kokedama plant which freshens the air and removes toxins. For very little upkeep you get fresh oxygen in abundance. Just breathe.

3. SCENT | Want to smell delicious and for it to be good for you? Forget chemical perfumes, use pure, plant essential oils for an energy uplift. Who needs coffee?

4. BATHROOM | Use clean, minimal, organic beauty products which stimulate all the senses. Less is more, think simple. Just add water.

5. LOUNGE | You’ve Marie Kondo’d the heck out of the first half of the year, so I’m not going to advocate any more cleaning or decluttering. Just put that stuff in a natural basket and get on with your day. Out of sight out of mind – the summer way.

6. KITCHEN | Adaptogen, what? The fluid way to support your body. Head to the kitchen and make a plant-based latte with activated plants, herbs, spices and mushrooms, to support your well-being. Your own elixir of life.

7. AIR | Sage and incense are easy tools to have on hand to clear and change the stagnant energy of a space. Even easier after the colder months of the year, throw open the windows and let the light and (hopefully) warmth in.

8.STONE | Used in modern technology such as lasers and mobile phones, crystals can vibrate, conduct, amplify and focus energy. Choose the stone you are drawn to. Head out into the world wearing something beautiful and feeling your best self. Let your positive vibes shine.


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