Many people think of help in the home as an extravagance – until they start juggling jobs, children and everything that life throws at us. At that point, many of us would happily bring in a full-time butler!

No matter how house proud you are, the busy lives we lead means it can be almost impossible to keep up with household chores. Among house-sharers and families it’s a constant source of dispute, for working people an unwelcome chore after a hard day, and for the elderly some tasks are just too much. Plus, cultural shifts in the UK and the effects of the recession have meant more two-parent working families and longer working days, so help around the home is now far more of a necessity than a luxury. 

No one is more aware of this than Harriet Rowe founder of North Berwick based The Little Housekeeping Co. Harriet set up her company in March last year after identifying a gap in the market for a service which offered more than a traditional cleaning service – one which provided extra help with all domestic chores. Harriet explains “Having worked as a nanny for over five years, I was well aware of the huge difference it made to working parents if they came home to a tidy house and a home-cooked meal, and this was a service I knew I could offer. I wanted to give people important family time back – rather than spending their precious weekends cleaning, hanging up laundry and ironing. 

The Little Housekeeping Co provide a reliable, professional and tailored house keeping service. Their fully insured and trained staff will take an amazing amount of strain out of your life. They’ll tackle the household jobs which take up so much of your time – from tidying and cleaning to washing and ironing. They’ll even have your dinner waiting for you when you walk through the door, and they’ll bulk cook so you have healthy home-made meals to pop in your freezer. Harriet adds “The beauty of our service is that we tailor it depending on what you need help with week to week. You can have us once a week to keep on top of your cleaning, or two or three times throughout the week to really get on top of all the household chores. We know the small details matter so we ensure things are the way you like them done. Which means you can have it all, with a little help from us!


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