Be a person of letters — they are having an interior design moment.

There’s something going on with home decor – it’s all about words. Fifty years ago, the closest anyone came to such a thing was an embroidery of a small house with the words “Home Sweet Home” above it.

But flick through the latest interiors mags or look around your local furniture store or home department and you’ll see words everywhere – on cushions, on light-boxes, on the walls. This resurgence of words as ornamentation began around the beginning of the millennium as graphic designers and other creatives hung the scrolls from old London buses on their walls. It was authentic and innovative – what good decor should be. 

And with typographic artwork bang on trend, the right poster can really make an impact in your home. Heulwen Hardie, has designed a set of typographic posters exclusively for her store – Gullane’s Old Smiddy. She said “We’re thrilled to stock these exclusive posters which sum up all that we love about East Lothian. They’re perfect for holiday homes, would make a great memento for visitors and will add some fresh, original art to your walls.

The posters are available in two sizes, and the larger of the two is framed. With their statement phrases, playful fonts and gorgeous colour palettes these posters will add some serious style to your home.


40x50cm framed £49.99 | A4 unframed £12.99
Main Street, Gullane EH31 2AR | 01620 843 843