This issue Hayley Flangan tells us to make ‘Japandi’ our spirit animal for 2019.

Simple, minimal, calm and natural are all elements we associate with the Nordic trends of recent years, and far from discarding them we are extending their reach to include a little Japonism, this year. An odd mix you may think – but Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics have very similar foundations and underlying philosophies. Make ‘Japandi’ your spirit animal for 2019 by focusing on these Japanese lifestyle concepts:


Embrace imperfections, transform adversity and live optimistically.


Discover your ‘reason for being’. Nurture friendships and throw yourself into your passions. 


Find beauty and harmony in the simple things in life, let go of judgement and see things differently.


Forest bathing to relieve stress, rediscover your natural rhythm and reconnect with nature.


Does something ‘spark joy’? Surround yourself with only the things you love and practice gratitude for what you have.

Happy reading!


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