There are oxygen masks that save your life, and now there are oxygen masks that save your skin. I jumped on the opportunity to test the Love Nola Oxygen Facial

The newest skincare ingredient on the beauty scene is oxygen. Yes, that’s right good old O2. Oxygen masks are the beauty industry’s next generation of facial masks. If you are up on all your beauty trends you may have tried mud masks and charcoal masks but you might be wondering why would you need oxygen in your skincare regime? Is this another skincare gimmick? Facialist Laura Nolan says “No, it’s not a gimmick. Oxygen stimulates the body’s natural healing function, it’s anti-inflammatory and builds collagen production. When you infuse oxygen into the skin you can see an immediate response of glowing, dewy and calmer skin. 

I visited Laura at her beautiful west-end home in Edinburgh, just a stone’s throw from Haymarket Station. Dedicated skin care expert Laura is an incredible facialist who has poured her knowledge of eastern medicine into each treatment. She takes a holistic approach and her facials are tailored to exactly what your skin needs.

Laura explained my own facial would include a bionic oxygen facial mask. Bionic Oxygen! What the heck is that? Laura explained “The idea behind using oxygen is to stimulate healing, calming and soothing during a facial. Oxygen facials bring both hydration and much-needed circulation, revealing skin that looks and feels revitalised, refreshed and transformed.

Laura got to work cleansing my skin, then buffed and polished it using microdermabrasion which helps remove the superficial layer of dead skin cells, leaving the skin more receptive to the oxygen treatment. Well known, for her sculpting facials, Laura then massaged my face. Her technique releases restrictions in the facial and neck muscles and I could literally feel the lines being ironed out! Next, the mask. On my skin, the mask felt light and airy, as if I had submerged my head in a bubble bath. It tingled a bit, but in a non-irritating way that made me think that, deep down, my pores were getting a thorough but gentle cleanse. After the mask was rinsed off Laura applied NeoStrata Bionic Face Serum an intensive treatment serum with 10% Lactobionic Acid to help restore radiance and improve skin texture.

When she was done with me, my skin not only looked luminous but felt smooth, revitalised and less stressed. But, it was the next morning when I truly noticed a remarkable difference. My skin looked alive when I woke up, bright, and definitely more radiant, which in my mind makes the Love Nola Oxygen Facial a bit of a lifesaver in its own right.

Kim had the Love Nola Oxygen Facial £95
Laura is available at The Barefoot Sanctuary, North Berwick and at Love Nola, West End, Edinburgh
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