Don’t leave your apples rotting on the ground. Take them along to Gullane’s Annual Apple Festival and press them using the village pressing equipment in a celebration of all things apple.

Apples are one of my favourite fruits. This probably stems from childhood memories of harvest-time and the glorious pies, cakes and juice made from the bounty of our garden’s apple trees! 

If you have apple trees, you may well be nagged by the question of just what to do with this bountiful produce. Simple – pick the fruit, bring some of it along and press it at Gullane’s Annual Apple Festival on Sunday, 7 October. The trees in the village produce a wide variety of apples, both eaters and cookers and this community event encourages people to bring fruit to the festival and help press it into juice. Festival Organiser, Adria Stubbs said “It’s great to see people getting involved and turning their fruit into juice. The Festival’s a great afternoon of chopping, pressing and laughter.

The focus of the festival has to be the genuine iron apple mulchers and presses used to press the apples into the most delicious juice, and everyone is invited to try their hand at pressing apples. Adria adds “Children, in particular, are fascinated by the whole pressing process and the festival makes a healthy and educational event out of picking fruit based on negligible food miles”. Some apples are also turned into delicious treats by enthusiastic cooks and bakers from around Gullane. Entry is by donation with proceeds going towards new equipment and the up-keep of the village hall. 


Sunday 7 October 2-4pm | Gullane Village Hall
Call Adria Stubbs t: 07789915064 for information, if you’d like to get involved or if you’re unable to pick the fruit yourself and need a little help | please note: we’re unable to accept apples from grass where dogs are free to roam.