This time of year when there’s a chill in the air and I have to put socks on in the morning to keep my tootsies warm, the oats come back out of the cupboard and I start my day with porridge. For years I’ve been playing around with adding extra flavours and goodness. And what a difference it makes during the winter months to have a variety to choose from which keep you fuelled all day long. Here are a few of my favourites – happy porridge making!


Always start with the base of oats (I tend to use organic jumbo oats), then add water, oat milk for a vegan option or creamy full fat milk. You can add a little sea salt (not table salt) if you like – I do. Before the oats start cooking add your flavours.


For sweetness, add a teaspoon of turmeric, some honey, coconut sugar or maple syrup. Then add dried organic figs, (locally available at Earth Matters), a teaspoon of wheat-grass powder (optional but healthy) and coconut flakes (also available from Earth Matters). Cook slowly until all the aromas softly rise up and sprinkle your favourite seeds on top.


Stir in a desert spoon of your favourite nut butter to the porridge base. I use almond butter which is widely available, or you can make your own cashew butter by whizzing up cashews in your food processor for around 4 minutes and then add a bit of oil (I use Clearspring toasted sesame oil from Earth Matters). Add organic runny honey to taste. Cook and then sprinkle nuts and seeds on top before serving.


Add a desert spoon of cacao or Green & Blacks Cocoa powder to the porridge base. Then add 85% dark chocolate and let it cook gently so the chocolate has just about melted. You can add spirulina powder if you like. Top with your favourite dried fruits and nuts before serving.

There are so many ways to enjoy this versatile dish, just experiment and have a bit of fun. I would love to hear your favourite flavours. Let us know on our instagram page @yourlocallife

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