Inspired by a line from a poem – call it down from the stars fill your house up with jars – Bernie Petrie tells us how to bring in the light this winter.

As I write this post I am once again wearing my shorts as it’s blue skies and sunshine. But I’ve had a hint of what’s to come – getting soaked walking the dog, earlier in the week. But, as I was prepared for it, in clothing terms, I actually found the experience invigorating. It’s with this in mind, I’ve been thinking about how I can ensure I feel as good in winter as I’ve done this summer. Getting the right clothes for the changing weather is a no-brainer but getting my mindset winter-ready is important too.

I’ve begun to wonder if have forgotten there is something magical about the changing seasons, something our ancestors would have embraced or even celebrated. As winter approaches it’s important to make our homes feel warm and cosy with fires, candles and throws. But I’m also keen to dive deeper into one of the natural light sources – the night sky! The skies in East Lothian are truly incredible and provide an amazing opportunity to star gaze. Yet how many of us actually tap into this incredible source of light and well-being? Many of us sunbathe at the first glimpse of the sun but with the winter approaching how many of us will star-bathe?

I’ve made an autumn/winter resolution – to get outside for a little bit every night to soak up the night sky. Spending time outside in the evening always feels magical and we all could try and make an effort to spend more time outside at night. Enjoy a  late night cuppa out on the terrace or in the garden around a fire-pit making sure the house lights are dimmed, so you can star-gaze. Or take a walk along the beach at night, where I promise you will find the most amazing night light show – all for free. 

According to a group of various wellness experts there are three instant benefits that might tempt us all outdoors a little more this winter. 


A University of California-Irvine study found that looking up at the stars makes us nicer. We realise how small we really are in this massive universe and we genuinely feel more connected to our fellow humans in the process.


When you do get the chance to stop and experience the stars they somehow become bigger than anything and we all naturally stop, watch and reflect. This must surely have numerous benefits – for our mental, physical and spiritual health.


When we look up at the stars, switching off from the world around us, we naturally ponder life’s big questions. This has an automatic effect on our imagination levels, so if you have been thinking about a project or new idea, the night sky will stretch that potential even further than if you’re sitting at your desk thinking about it.

So, bring in the light this winter – call it down from the stars and fill our house up with jars! With love until the next time. 

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