This Summer we have been blessed with long, hot sunny days and I’m sure numerous barbecues. Here’s a very tasty salad to go with pretty much anything or is just delicious on its own! Earth Matters sell pearled spelt which for my money is the best grain around right now. If you have time and fancy trying smoking your own trout, it’s delicious. If not Belhaven Fish do a fantastic one.


2 trout fillets
1.5 cups of pearled spelt
4 beets roasted 
One small tub Greek yoghurt emptied into muslin or cheesecloth over night so the liquid drains away
3 soft boiled eggs
Zest of a small orange
Dill and any other herbs you fancy 
Salad leaves (I’m picking from my garden and have rocket, purple spinach and mustard leaves) but again anything works


Cook the spelt so it still has a bite and boil the eggs. Grate the roasted beets and mix with the drained yoghurt, add salt, pepper, a glug of olive oil and the orange zest. Mix lightly. Then assemble your salad like the image above.

You can make a little simple dressing to spoon over the top. Simply mix olive oil, lemon, mustard, salt and pepper, garlic and a touch of sugar. Also mix some chopped dill into dressing.

Serve with griddled sour dough and a glass of organic Rosé.

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