Mind, Body & Soul Columnist, Bernie Petrie tells us to pay attention to how we feel in our daily footsteps as they really do reveal our future.

The wind is blowing and the sunshine, despite the shutters, has made its way on to my eyelids, I wake, assuming it to be 11 in the morning and I’d slept in – it was in fact only 5.40am. An hour later and still awake, I leap out of bed because the line from Dido’s song “I’ve still got sand in my shoes” is too loud in my ears to ignore any longer – it’s time to write this and it must be now!

So at 6.49am with a cup of tea beside me, I’m sitting at my desk writing, in the early morning sun facing the sea and (with headphones on of course) I’m listening to Dido’s sweet tones once again. The reality is quite overwhelming – it is very emotional –  and I find tears of joy are streaming down my face. Why? This song finally makes sense. My footsteps have led me here and these are the words that affected me: “I’ve still got sand in my shoes, and I can’t shake the thought of you. I should get on, forget you. But why would I want to? But I want to see you again. To a life where I can watch the sun set, and take my time. Take all my time.”

As I listen my mind plays scenes from the evening before – going to bed with another stunning sunset as the backdrop and the barbecue with my family and dear friends on the beach in front of our house. These images reveal that my heart walked me right into this life on purpose.

The point to this anecdote is that I can still remember listening to this song from our home in Kilmacolm back in September 2003 – just as our (beach-loving) second child was due to be born. I remember feeling an ache that I couldn’t quite explain and I played the song over and over! Obviously I wasn’t pining for some guy and in hindsight Dido probably wasn’t either. Perhaps, like me, she was pining for the natural love of her life – the sand and the sea?

Less than two years later we moved to North Berwick in what seemed to be a drastic life change but, in fact revealed, that in both mine and my husband’s hearts lay a long-lost love for the beach. I’m now 100% sure that this song played a part – because as my husband and I chatted about the future we truly wanted – it became clear that a desire to live by the sea was a childhood dream for us both. All we had to do was let our hearts guide us to the life we were dreaming of. 

I believe you need to pay attention to the things that are making your heart ache in a way that feels like a pull – this is your life path calling. I have an acronym for LIFE PATH that might help – Lean Into Fulfilling Experiences and Pay Attention to The Here and now. Where your attention goes, your energy flows so if it means that you need to take a slight change in daily direction to course correct, do it. The tiny steps we take day by day will lead us into our future so make sure they are steps that you really want to take. I promise you, the clues lie right inside you, and in the music around you.

With summer love until the next time.

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