For the beauty DIYer, we live in boom times. Between masks and eye strips, deep-cleaning products and YouTube videos on face massage, you can do a pretty good approximation of a facial in the privacy of your own home.
So is going for a facial really worth the money and the fuss?

have a shelf in my bathroom almost entirely filled with those little samples you are given when you buy a beauty product. Creams, gels and serums that are supposed to clear my skin, brighten it, even its tone, calm it down or do everything all at once. And I am planning to use them – one day! It’s not an admission I make lightly, but sometimes it’s hard to see the point of a facial. I’m not saying my skin is perfect – I’ll take all the help I can get with the dark circles, frown lines and sagging jaw. But what can a facial really do? 

Beauty Therapist Laura Nolan explains “Your face is the first thing people see when they meet you for the first time. I believe it is important for you to present an exquisite first impression with skin that is healthy and glowing; a face that radiates that same passion you feel within. Our facials are designed for that very purpose.” Laura takes a holistic approach to facials. Her facials are tailored to what your skin needs, as no two people’s skin is the same, using high efficacy and organic products to care for all skin types.

Laura explained my own facial would start with deep breathing exercises, followed by a deep cleanse, a peel, three different types of massage to promote micro-circulation and lymphatic drainage and a collagen treatment, leaving my face firmer and with a more youthful glow.

She got to work cleansing my skin, then applied a light peel designed to remove the loose layers of epidermis and stimulate the skin’s healing system, helping boost collagen production. The magic then happened in the form of a protracted massage of my face, neck, shoulders and arms. Deeper techniques are used to release restrictions in the facial and neck muscles redefining and sculpting tired muscles back into shape, like an energising work out for your face!

When she was done with me, I walked out looking and feeling like I’d just slept for 24 hours with skin that was super-bright, super-clean, ultra-soft and radiant. But the best bit, is that I actually look younger – cheekbones emerged and fine lines vanished! And what’s more when I applied my make-up the next day it went on like a dream.

As Laura said “All your facial expressions – your anger, your sadness, your stress – are imprinted on your face.” I think about how much I peer at a computer screen and how much I scowl, so maybe my facial muscles do deserve a good massage every once in a while.

Kim had the Nola Sculpting Facial | treatments from £90 – £145
Laura is available at The Barefoot Sanctuary, North Berwick | t: 07703778317 |