If you’re planning a redesign of your outside space, garden designer Joy Grey outlines how a professional could help you make the best of your garden.

Successful ‘rooms’ don’t just happen, they need careful thought and planning – they need to be designed. Your garden is possibly your biggest ‘room’ and deserves the same thought, design and budget as any other. A successful garden design project benefits from a professional garden designer, giving you access to expert advice and extensive knowledge about how to maximise your garden’s potential, resulting in a space which matches your aspirations.

There is a public misconception about garden design that it is simply gardening – it isn’t. It’s about design; the manipulation and organisation of three-dimensional space. And a garden designer is trained in both the aesthetic arts and technical disciplines of design. They are experienced in combining the need for design with the client’s aspirations, interpreting the way the client will want to use the garden and developing ideas and creative thoughts into an achievable design plan to create a well laid out, functional and beautiful space.

A garden designer will bring a new perspective to your garden helping with everything from planning the entire site or solving privacy problems, to choosing the most appropriate plants for beds and borders, all while helping you avoid costly mistakes. As well as drawing up plans, knowing which plants work where, and how to locate patios, paths, fencing and flower beds, a designer’s role is also to spend your budget wisely. An experienced garden designer will analyse both the space and brief, and identify cost-effective solutions.

A garden designer will survey the garden and make confident decisions and judgments about the garden’s potential. They will be able to analyse the soil and aspect so they can make knowledgeable choices about construction materials and the best plants. They will offer advice on how best to advance your project, take responsibility for all the design work, specifications and appointment of contractors and provide direction and supervision during construction of the garden. Most will have preferred, trustworthy contractors and specialist trades-people that they work with regularly. They can also advise on tweaking existing gardens, features, planting schemes, after-care and maintenance requirements.

Creating a well-designed garden is a financial investment which will add value to your property, so using a professional to create your garden will be money well spent.


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