As the temperature rises, we ask linen expert and Laura Thomas Co Founder and Creative Director, Laura Wilson for her top tips on transitioning your bed from winter to summer.

1. Ditch the Duvet

As the temperature rises, get rid of that duvet. Use a fitted sheet on the mattress and a flat sheet on top. Add warmth with a couple of blankets or a large throw. This transition makes and creates a totally different sleeping experience from summer to winter.  Snuggling in winter surrounded by feathers and fluffy blankets is replaced by sheets and simplicity in summer.

It’s important that we embrace the seasons and the changes they bring. There are warm summers and rainy ones.  If we fight the seasons our mood can dip and life can slide.  Changing your style of bed can help you embrace the changing seasons.

2. Bring in the Breeze

Over winter your windows have been permanently shut. It’s now time to open them up and let the summer breeze and scents in.  

3. Declutter

Clutter over winter can build up. Get rid of books, magazines and papers that you have read (or will never read)!  Remove items that don’t belong in the bedroom. Create calm on the eye that signifies light and ease to give that all round summer airiness.

4. Change your Bedding

It’s hard to beat crisp, white bed linen. And cotton is the perfect summer choice as it’s naturally breathable, lightweight and seriously soft. It feels light on your skin and during summer it’s the material that will keep you at your coolest as it allows the cool air to pass through.

Transitioning from winter to summer is the perfect excuse to update your linen cupboard. And the Washed Waffle Duvet Set from Laura Thomas, with its blend of contemporary style and ultimate comfort, is the perfect summer bedding. Made from luxurious 100% Egyptian cotton, the washed waffle weave, in crisp white, is naturally breathable, lightweight and incredibly smooth to the touch.

Snuggling down in waffle is a wonderful sleeping experience and I can guarantee you’ll not want to get up in the morning!