Hayley Flangan tells us how a workplace clear out can also declutter your mind and improve productivity.

Spring has sprung and with it comes brighter mornings, lighter evenings and a new lease of motivation. There’s no better time of the year to have a good clean, and with the average person spending around 40 hours a week working, we figured the desk is a great place to start. So whether your desk is in a cubicle, a shared workspace or your bedroom here are our five top tips to transform your working space from organised chaos to productivity heaven.

If getting organised was on your list of resolutions, chances are you have more than a couple of projects to choose from and don’t know where to start! With the mantra ‘start somewhere’ in mind, what better place than your cluttered, uninspiring, impersonal workspace. Spring is a great time to reset, to prioritise career goals and reorient ourselves before a fresh season begins.

Style your desk to achieve your work goals, by reducing stress, getting organised and enhancing creativity. Start with tiny tweaks by introducing some organisational elements like a catch-all tray, a pen holder and closed storage boxes to eliminate some of the visual stress. Add pieces that promote mindfulness; an aromatherapy candle, a full spectrum daylight lamp and a little bit of plant life. Items like this will hopefully remind you to take a break and breathe while working.

The visual is a necessary element for thinking creatively and a vision or moodboard is perfect for seeing the bigger picture. Hang a board, whether wire, cork or peg where you can keep all of your ideas organised and in view. Inspire and help provoke ideas, with artistic prints and motivational typography. Add personality and brighten the space with print and pattern, an inexpensive way is temporarily framing gift wrap and swapping it out seasonally.

Feeling flat and uninspired? Plan a new colour story for your desk with coloured papers, beautiful notepads and contemporary stationery. Simple and cheap, these don’t break the bank but feel like a treat. Get instagram worthy by mixing the marble and monochrome graphic collection from luxury stationery designer Katie Leamon. Your productivity will sky-rocket when you create a space that is both accessible and sleek, that you are drawn to, with well designed products that you love to touch, use and be around.

How many times do you have to run to the shops to grab an underwhelming last minute gift or card? Compile a master list of all events and birthdays for the year ahead and buy in advance, keeping them in a labelled expandable file or folder near your desk. Fall in love with the art of caring again, sending personal handwritten cards and gifts to people you treasure. Combine illustration, typography and Scandinavian design, choose especially those cards that can be kept, framed or added to the recipient’s vision board to up their own workspace game!

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