The dream of early retirement is all that keeps some of us going through the daily grind. Fantasies of a round-the-world cruise, gin and tonics on a seaside terrace or writing a best-selling novel all make work endurable.

Somebody who recently considered retirement, is Donnie Spence of Linton Country Furniture which is now in its 38th year and based at Fenton Barns Retail Village. Donnie considered hanging up his overalls and sailing off into the sunset, but after the announcement of the retiral sale he was astonished by the demand for the handmade furniture they supply and decided to carry on for a while yet.

So whilst Donnie will be taking a step back, he will carry on using his team of skilled craftsmen to  produce furniture that stays true to Linton Country Furnitures  ethos –  furniture that is built to last and can be handed on to the next generation. Donnie said “Just the other day, I had customers come in and order a new table as they were giving their old table to their newly married daughter. I remember when they bought that table from us – their daughter was a toddler! 

Donnie is selling off two bedroom displays, various display coffee tables, bookcases and other pieces to make way for a different look for Linton Country Furniture. But whether you purchase some of the beautiful ex-display pieces or furniture from the new collection, Donnie will ensure you are purchasing a stunning piece of furniture you can use and love every day. A piece which will stand the test of time, a piece of furniture that will never be ready for retirement – just like Donnie!

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