Editor Kim Williams packs away her winter woollies

There’s no better day than the one when you realise you won’t be needing your cosy jumpers, coats and boots again this year. This particular winter has been –in a word – arduous, so it’s a given that most of us are looking forward to packing away our winter woollies and breaking out our tees and flip-flops. But whether you’ve invested in indulgent cashmere or nabbed a bargain on the high street, after spending your hard-earned money on your dream jumper, it’s worth paying close attention to how to care for it; that way it lasts longer, doesn’t spoil and retains that ‘just-bought’ feeling.

Belinda Robertson‘s Cashmere Care Set is a must have to look after your most treasured garments. It contains everything you need to protect against moths and keep your favourite jumper looking fabulous for longer. What’s more, their industry-leading Cashmere Wash can be used in the washing machine – goodbye hand-washing, hello more time for spring clothes shopping!

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