Bake a loaf for the one you love this Valentine’s Day. And the best thing about this loaf? It takes literally two minutes to make and there’s no kneading either! All you need to do is mix all the dry ingredients together and add the buttermilk or organic Greek yoghurt and bake until golden brown or when you tap it, the loaf sound hollow. It’s really that simple and tastes delicious!


12 oz flour (I use about 8oz of spelt flour and 4 oz of buckwheat. But you could use pretty much any flour, so try a few different combinations

One large tub (between 250-300ml) of buttermilk or Greek yoghurt

One teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda

Salt and pepper to taste

One teaspoon of turmeric

Oregano and one teaspoon of caraway seeds (or try your own mix of your favourite herbs and seeds)


Mix all the dry ingredients together. Then mix in a tub of buttermilk or Greek yoghurt. Shape (it should be sticky) and place on non stick greaseproof paper.  Use a bit more flour on your hands to shape it if the loaf is sticking too much. Put in the oven 200ºC fan assisted for 20 minutes.

Ta Da! Happy Valentine’s Day all you lovers!

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