As the growing trend for pop-ups continues, Cherish is the latest to pop up in Gullane.

Back in 2004, pop-up shops were being touted as a quirky new retail trend. Yet more than a decade later, pop-up retail is still taking the UK by storm, with temporary shops now proving a staple in many of the country‘s busiest retail spaces.

Pop-ups are more than just rethinking traditional bricks-and-mortar and big-box stores, they’re about bringing people together in one place, a place where both retailers and buyers can interact and unite in a shared passion. And it was exactly this that inspired primary school teacher and self-confessed history buff, Louise Pickering, to turn Gullane’s old Post Office into a pop-up market place. Louise explains “I’ve been running my own vintage and antique business for a while now and I take part in lots of vintage, antique and craft fairs. When chatting to other stall holders at these events it became clear that people would really appreciate a further outlet for their goods and services without having to commit to a shop or space full time.

Pop-up shops are exciting because not only do they create short-term stores that are creative and engaging, but they help keep communities alive and vibrant. And it is exciting to see this new addition to Gullane’s high street. The building which locals refer to lovingly as “the old post office” although latterly was home to a plumber has been given an eye-catching pink and white theme, reminiscent of village carnivals. Louise laughs “I’ve gone overboard on the pink, which is funny because I’m not a girly-girl, but I thought it would attract attention!”

Louise is hoping the space will attract a wide selection of local crafters, artisan makers and antique traders who produce quality products at affordable prices such as jewellery, local produce, luxury clothing and cosmetics, photography and handmade furniture. The space can house up to three traders at any one time and stall holders are encouraged to take out weekly slots. There are also plans to extend the space into the basement to enable workshops and events to be held. Louise adds “Cherish is part of a new exciting phase for the village and I’m hoping to embrace this by providing residents with something a little bit different.”

open Saturday 10am–5pm and Sunday 10am– 4pm | some traders will be open weekdays in the run-up to Christmas | check Facebook for opening hours | if you’re interested in renting space contact t: 07443 586950 or e: