As coffee roasters, our love of coffee stems from the story each bean has to tell. It travels on a long journey before getting poured into a cup and our role is at the tail end of this journey right before it gets to you, the coffee lover.

Coffee requires a very specific set of growing conditions with just right the mix of altitude, rainfall and climate to blossom and fruit. Each coffee cherry is hand-picked before being washed, processed and graded. This long and labour-intensive process is crucial in order to select only the highest quality green beans. At Steampunk, we work with a green bean sourcing company which is committed to ethical trading practices and which pays premium prices for the coffees they buy as well as re-investing in the growing areas. This means that farmers receive a better income from the beans and safeguards the future of coffee growing communities.

Once the coffees arrive at our roastery in North Berwick, our job is to unlock all of the potential contained inside. We tailor our roasts to bring out the best in every bean we source. We raise a degree here, or add a second or two there, to allow the subtle nuances and flavours of the coffees to shine through. Our busy production team roasts several hundred kilos of coffee each week and you can watch us doing this through the glass wall in our cafe/HQ when you come in.

Once we have roasted the coffees, we sample every batch to ensure quality and consistency. This allows us to evaluate and assess the flavour of each of our roasts. Then we can share with you those exciting flavours that have travelled halfway across the world inside that tiny coffee bean.


Steampunk have a range of delicious specialty coffees that change seasonally and are available from their
HQ in North Berwick or online at