Beatitude launches new Peace Pillow Spray

With the crazy lifestyles of today it’s easy to forget how important our sleep is. A good night’s sleep will improve your memory, boost your concentration, increase your energy levels throughout the day and even make you look better (supermodels swear by a good night’s sleep).

But according to recent research*, 75% of people in the UK are not getting a good night’s sleep. Rebecca O’Connor, aromatherapy expert and founder of Gullane based Beatitude says “In order to drift off to sleep, the busy mind needs to settle into the present moment. Your sense of smell is the quickest way to invite yourself into the moment so that you can let go of the day, release tension and relax your mind.” Beatitude’s new Peace Pillow Spray is the result of three years of blending the precise combination of the finest natural essential oils, all sourced for their well-known mind relaxing properties. The dreamy elixir combines Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Patchouli plus Mandarin, Cedarwood and Petigrain in a base of Orange Flower Water. Rebecca adds “The result is an effective mist that instantly calms the mind to help you sleep more soundly.”

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