Laura Thomas – blogger, creator and owner of Laura Thomas Linens explains why she loves lavender…

Lavender is a fragrance I simply adore. From cute vintage fabric bags filled with lavender flowers for my drawers as a child to drops of lavender oil in my bath as an adult to aid relaxation, there is something deeply comforting as well as invigorating about the scent of lavender that makes me feel charged and alive.

It is for this reason that the obvious scent for many of my products is lavender. Lavender assists relaxation, helps with headaches, congestion, colds and sleeplessness, and is often used in the treatment of insomnia.

I can’t recommend enough going to bed with a room filled with the smell of lavender. Light a lavender candle in your bedroom before heading to bed or while reading. And a few sprays of lavender mist over your pillow is simply heavenly. I can vouch for this, as this is my current night-time wind down.