Looking to create a flattering glow yet still have enough wattage to see what you’re doing? We meet the experts at East Lothian-based Light House who will help you sort out your lumens from your lightbulbs.

Whether you’re building a new home or simply renovating an existing one, it’s very easy to get carried away with luxurious wall coverings, opulent flooring and gorgeous furnishing. Something which often gets forgotten, but has the potential to make or break an interior scheme, is lighting. Lighting can turn a house into a home and allow your personality to shine through.

Yet even in these Pinterest-inspired times, lighting design is still considered to be a bit of a ‘dark art’ (no pun intended); it’s easy to get it wrong but when it’s right, it can completely change the dynamic of a room. A lot of people don’t realise it, but proper lighting design is very much an art, and one which involves consideration and skill. The shortest, safest answer to getting it right is to seek professional advice.

Neil Rankin has used his knowledge and experience from 10 years as a lighting designer in the commercial sector to open Light House, based at Fenton Barns. Neil, who admits to having an obsessive interest in lighting, says “It can be a little daunting when you are lighting a room and even more scary when it’s a whole house. My vision is for people to drop by, sit on the couch and chat through their ideas. We can provide inspiration and solutions for lighting as well as share our knowledge and expertise.”

Light House understands that lighting is an important design element in your home, so they offer the services of an interior designer alongside lighting design. Neil and his team will customise any of the lights in store for you plus they offer a full installation service. Yet, Neil is keen to point out “We offer something for everyone – you can pop in to buy an LED light bulb, fabric cable, a simple shade or a stunning focal point for your room from designers such as David Hunt, Frama or Graypants.”

Light House, keen on helping us reduce our carbon footprint, only stocks LED bulbs. Neil explains “Reducing our carbon footprint without compromising on style and quality at an affordable cost is a tough balance to achieve. I feel the market has moved on to embrace LED lighting and bulbs can now look beautifully stylish, rival incandescents in quality of light, offer exceptional energy efficiency as well as value for money.”

So whether you’re simply changing a standard light fitting or wanting to light your entire home, pop in to Light House and let them illuminate the way!

Fenton Barns Retail Village | www.lighthouseonline.co.uk | t: 01620 497001