Puffin season has begun at the Scottish Seabird Centre, North Berwick. Visitors to the 5-star Centre have the opportunity to control the interactive cameras to zoom in on the live puffin action on the islands of Craigleith, Fidra and the Isle of May National Nature Reserve. It’s also possible to see the amazing ‘clowns of the sea’ with a range of boat trips that take in the local islands.

The Isle of May is the largest puffin colony on the east coast of Britain with approximately 92,000 puffins calling the island home from April to early August. Craigleith and Fidra feature as part of the Seabird Centre’s SOS Puffin Project, which has been running for 10 years and has seen over 1,100 volunteers getting involved to help puffins gain access to their burrows by cutting down the tree mallow.

Younger visitors to the Seabird Centre have the chance to visit for free. Those who present a ‘puffin portrait’ until the end of July at the admissions desk will be awarded with a Discovery Centre ticket for their artistic efforts. Each ‘puffin portrait’ should feature a drawing of the child with a puffin, articulated in any artistic medium.

Alex Turnbull, Discovery Centre Manager, said “With the Firth of Forth being home to tens of thousands of puffins between April and early August and with the Isle of May being the largest puffin colony on the east coast of Britain, North Berwick is the ideal location for puffin spotting.

“Visitors of all ages love zooming in on the puffins with our interactive live cameras. And to see them when out on our Seabird Catamaran Cruise, Three Islands Seabird Seafari or Isle of May Landing is really quite special.

“We are looking forward to seeing lots of ‘puffin portraits’ which will be displayed around the Discovery Centre for other visitors to see. Templates will be available on our website to ensure it isn’t too tough a challenge!


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