A new business has been set up by the East Lothian based Chippendale International School of Furniture to design and make beautiful and bespoke kitchens.

Generally considered to be the heart of the home, the kitchen is where a great deal of time is spent enjoying family meals and drinks with friends. So it’s understandable that people are keen to have a space they are proud of. And although kitchen design needs to be practical, there is no doubt it should also be beautiful. Wooden kitchens offer a natural finish that is warm, practical and aesthetically pleasing and many top interior designers use bespoke carpentry to achieve just this.

Bespoke Wood Kitchens based at the Chippendale school, between Haddington and Gifford, is part of the school’s aim to create a vibrant and successful woodworking community in the heart of East Lothian. The new kitchens business makes appropriate use of on-site craftspeople to design and make furniture and kitchens that combine modern techniques with age-old skills, blending the modern with the traditional. “Our aim is to create handmade kitchens that will last several lifetimes, transform your home, and add significant value to your property. That’s why we handcraft every element to ensure that the finished product is functional, dependable, beautiful and enduring.” said Alan McGovern, who has worked at the school for over 30 years, and will oversee the new business.

Using only professional staff from the school, Bespoke Wood Kitchens guarantee not only the highest quality workmanship but an exceptionally beautiful end product, just perfect for the heart of the home.

Prospective customers are encouraged to visit the workshops and meet the team | www.bespokewoodkitchens.com | t: 01620 810680