This issue Bernie Petrie poses this question… Can decluttering your wardrobe positively impact your health, wealth and happiness?

Spring is here and the booty call to re-emerge is calling, yet how spring-like do you feel inside? Chances are if life isn’t full of the joys of spring there is way too much clutter in your life. Unknowingly you could be holding onto unneeded and unwanted stuff physically and mentally and actually blocking the arrival of the health, wealth and happiness you are seeking.

In short, ‘unneeded stuff’ really needs to go. Do not underestimate the connection. Money, opportunities and new experiences are always there for us but we need to make space for them and that involves action. Just like nature we have to let go and make room for the new.

Physical decluttering is the easiest to do and by doing so automatically causes emotional decluttering. Letting go of any element from your past that you no longer need causes a powerful energetic shift and the life you desire can emerge. I’ve given away expensive clothes that I’ve never loved in the first place from my old life or just don’t feel great for the life I see ahead of me, because everything we own has an emotional attachment and a vibration.

Decluttering is therefore an affirmation of commitment to claim the life you truly want and the universe simply has to agree. When you stop clinging onto things out of a sense of duty, responsibility or any other fear-based reason, life can really start to flow. The key to effective decluttering is to do it inch by inch, take plenty of breaks and trust your gut feeling. Author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said “By the yard it’s hard but inch by inch it’s a cinch”.

‘The Magic Of Tidying’ by Marie Kondo provides an in-depth guide to decluttering. Acting on her book took decluttering to a deeper level, than I had previously been doing. A year later life definitely feels lighter and brighter.

If you find it hard to let go of things, consider this –everything you leave behind gets passed onto someone you love and, potentially, to generations to come. Which is wonderful if it’s wanted and enriches life, but if it’s not, we are simply burdening future generations with things we didn’t love or cherish. Beliefs that don’t serve us now go onto become the baggage of our children, as do the cupboards and attics full of stuff! A dear friend of mine spent almost a decade of her life sorting out and decluttering her ancestors’ belongings – all put away year after year into the attic – a former hoarder herself she now only keeps what she loves, everything has a home and life feels all the richer for it.

Are you ready to act? Decluttering really is energising. Have fun with it, being kind to yourself in the process and I promise ‘inch by inch’ things will magically shift and life will spring forward in a whole new way!

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