Following in the footsteps of the masters of Modernism, such as Klee, Kandinsky and Mondrian, Leigh Bagley makes a bold statement with his abstract geometric designs.

Born and raised just outside Birmingham, Leigh Bagley developed his eye for colour and interest in design from an early age. His career began shortly after graduating from the Royal College of Art in London in 2000. He then worked as a freelance knitted textile designer selling to Calvin Klein, Levi, Nicole Fahri, Eddie Bauer, Milk and Woolmark to name just a few.

Following a career working in both fashion and interiors, he now shares his passion for colour and textiles as a lecturer at the renowned Glasgow School of Art. In 2012 Leigh decided to launch his own print company – Leigh Bagley Creative Pattern Studio, based in Longniddry. Eager to develop his interest in rich abstract graphic print design, he produced his first collection of limited edition prints. His work was instantly coveted by leading architecture and interior design companies and much sought after by private clients. Design Milk, a leading online design blog, described Leigh’s prints as “some of most fun and vibrant geometric prints I’ve seen”. Another design studio blogger commented “the colour palette, the lines (and in the flesh they are totally stunning), the sense of drama that you get when you view the designs, lend themselves perfectly to the male interiors and gift market, that oh-so-tricky present now becomes less so!

Leigh’s design aesthetic evidences modern, clean, graphic art with a contemporary approach to colour whilst being inspired by mid-century modern European design. And, since the launch of his first abstract print series, Leigh has designed three subsequent collections. His latest series – Hybrid – is an evolving collection of abstract single edition digital collages. Occasionally during the digital printing process the printer can make an error midway through a print, rendering the output unusable. Rather than waste the ink and paper, Leigh saves it to make into unique collages. Although similar in style, no two hybrid collages will be the same.

Leigh is often approached by interior design companies asking if it is possible to have his designs produced in other formats. On the back of this, he is currently planning a wallpaper and fabric collection due to be launched in the early part of 2017.  With his contemporary approach to both colour and modern design, this collection is bound to make a bold statement and provide the ideal centrepiece to any modern interior.

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