Who doesn’t love an edible homemade Christmas gift? For not much money and very little time, Mrs Hare explains how you can whip up this delightful and delicious treat

1. Melt 300g of Lindt 75% dark chocolate over a pan of hot water.

2. Roast 200g of your choice of nuts in the oven (160c)for 15 minutes. Chop as you like them. I use pecans walnuts and hazelnuts.

3. Chop up your favourite dried fruit. I love Suma figs (from Earth Matters on North Berwick’s high street)and undyed cherries and orange peel. I make my own by gently boiling two waxed organic oranges in sugar and water for about half an hour. Remove the pith and the middle of the orange (don’t waste it though, put it in your Nutribullet), then chop as finely as you like the peel.

4. Add the nuts and dried fruit to the chocolate. I also put a bit of cayenne pepper for a kick, a few crushed pink peppercorns and some really good vanilla essence.

5. Spread the mixture on greaseproof paper and leave to set.

6. Break it up, wrap it up and give it as gifts. Or just eat it whole after dinner with coffee!

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