This issue we’re delighted to introduce our new columnist – Bernie Petrie. The founder of Barefoot Ambition and The Barefoot Sanctuary, Bernie is also a mum, a wife, a maker of art and a keen blogger who loves connecting and inspiring people.

As I sit and write, it is hot and muggy, there is a weird tropical feeling here in East Lothian. This Indian summer feels like it could go on forever. Of course it won’t, change will come once more, and the days will get shorter and colder. If the thought of that leaves you feeling cold and with a sense of dread, it’s a tell-tale sign you are experiencing a resistance to change. One thing I know for sure, whatever you resist persists. 

But I also believe, that before you can embrace these seasonal changes, you have to allow yourself the chance to grieve for the reality that summer is preparing to leave us. I actually did this in the third week of August, this seems to be the time when I hit a low and I recognise now that I always have. By spending a couple of days in this state of grief, I allowed myself to feel the sadness that I was experiencing then reached a level of acceptance. Of course once I did that, the most incredible Indian summer appeared and most days I still seem be wearing my shorts, but I’m mindfully ready for the change and have got excited at the thought of wrapping up once more. As Billy Connolly says “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.

What am I getting excited about? Seeing the trees and landscape changing into the most stunning colours; getting the woollies out, buying myself a new, or new to me, winter coat and some other winter clothes, (it’s all about layering here) so I can spend time on empty cold sunny beaches with crashing waves. Taking long walks in the woods, stumping in wellies and letting the inner child kick through the leaves. Right now you can forage for berries, they’re just about ready to eat. As the cold really sets in, I’m licking my lips at the thought of hot stews and blackberry and apple crumbles.

We can also keep the feeling of the sun inside us, by making sure we feel cosy, and not resisting what will surely come. So as well as making sure we’re clothes ready, we can feel cosy inside by taking hot baths, lighting candles, or popping on fairy lights and lighting crackling fires. The brightest of stars will be seen once more accompanied by the sound of migrating geese, so taking a few moments each night to say hello to the night sky and breathe in the space and light from above is definitely something I’m really looking forward to. It’s right there! The dark mornings however are tough, so as well as embracing change, get some help and invest in a Lumie alarm clock, there really is no need for noisy alarms and allow yourself to be woken by the feeling of natural sunlight. They really work!

So yes, it’s time to put away the flip flops, but it’s not really a goodbye. Autumn and winter will pass, as change is guaranteed and we will be in shorts once again before we know it. In the meantime, breathe in this beautiful colourful new season. You are built for this, don’t let your mind tell you otherwise.

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