There’s a pie/quiche/tart call it what you want that always takes centre stage in our house when herbs are abundant and this little beauty is so full of flavour it just bursts. And as all of us are dashing around these days it’s my quick, ‘push out pastry’ that makes it so easy! Serve with a green salad and a glass of Rosé (raw wine these days for me as it contains nothing but fermented grapes not a sulphate in site!) Divine indeed…

250g Plain or Wholemeal Flour
160g best Salty Butter

Put both ingredients into your food processor and whizz until it all comes together in a ball. Add a tiny weeny bit of water if it doesn’t reach ball stage. Take out, plonk in the middle of a buttered pie or flan dish, flour your hands and just push the pastry out from the middle to the edges – it’s so simple!

5 eggs (organic preferably) for a standard size flan dish, just add a couple more eggs and more cream for larger ones.
350ml double cream
A mix of herbs, salt, pepper and nutmeg
Grated Pecorino

Big handfuls of basil, parsley, coriander, dill. If you fancy you can also add kale, spinach, chard, whichever is your favourite. If you’re adding spinach or big leaves, just wilt and drain them first. Chop a couple of garlic cloves and add to egg mixture. Add salt pepper and teaspoon of nutmeg. Mix it all together, grate fresh pecorino over the top and bake for about half an hour or until the egg mixture is just set in the middle of the tart.

Smell the herbs, drink your sulphate-free vino… and enjoy!


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