It may be the smell you like or that the colour of the bottle matches your decor. But when you choose a soap, cleaner, laundry powder or even a scented candle you probably don’t give much thought to whether the label hides a secret.

Worldwide, an estimated 500,000 animals are still suffering for cleaning products – including some in Britain. Not only that, but have you considered the impact many cleaning products have on your family and the environment? Billie Smith, owner of North Berwick-based The Green Clean Lady has. 

Billie, who worked in the cosmetics industry decided to become a stay-at-home mum when her eldest son was born. Four years, another son and a pandemic later – she was spurred into opening her own business, feeling the need to do something she was passionate about and The Green Clean Lady was born – an ethical cleaning company using only products which are cruelty-free. The journey began with Billies lifestyle and her conscious approach to the health and well being of her family. It was only natural she incorporated this into the business and shared her passion, starting in people’s homes. Billie explains; “I changed to a vegan diet around three years ago and that was a massive part of the business, my inspiration and ethos. I’m hugely against animal cruelty. 

And for Billie this meant, finding clever ways to get client’s houses sparkling using only ethically-sourced cleaning products and a mixture of her own bicarbonate and citric acid recipes with blends of essential oils. “Clients were always telling me how much they loved the natural products.” says Billie, “So the next step was to create my own range of products, starting with making toilet bombs in my kitchen.” She then turned her hand to creating beautiful handmade products for the home; ranging from hand-poured candles made with sustainable, biodegradable and vegan-friendly soy wax to paraben free reed diffusers with scents carried in 100% almond oil. And with the environment, very much in mind, all products are packaged in natural recycled brown paper. 

But for Billie, an ethical cleaning company and the creation of gorgeous handmade products was not enough. Billie laughs; “My favourite moment of launching my business was meeting people. I’m a people person, and I’m also obsessive about architecture, interiors and lighting, and I wondered how I could make this work in my business.” The result –  the home staging and interior styling arm of The Green Clean Lady. Billie uses her flair in home-styling to work her magic on clients homes. She optimises the home’s appearance through furniture, mirrors, artwork and soft furnishings – perfect for those looking at selling their home, or perhaps simply a style update for your current home.

So, whether it be a clean home, a styled home or simply beautiful handmade products for your home, The Green Clean Lady is the natural choice.

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